Holy crap. It’s November.

And I haven’t written a darn thing for this blog.

Can you find it in your hearts to forgive me?

My year off is going swimmingly, though! My brothers have dubbed my activities of this year The Four Projects of the Apocalypse…and they’re all proceeding apace.

-I’ve managed to keep As in my MBA program even through midterms, though there are three papers that I really should be writing that I haven’t even looked at yet. I’m having an amazing review of statistics, though, and I’m loving it to pieces. Yes, I’m a geek.

-I’m picking patients for the sickle cell trial; there aren’t as many eligible in the clinic as we were hoping, but I’m sure we’ll get a good group. I’m excited to play with the stats of whatever group we end up with! See previous self-diagnosis of geekitude.

-My novel is at 33,000 words (not exactly where I need to be, but there’s been a lot going on!) I also have four short stories on submission and will be on a radio program this week to talk about my fiction and read a short story.

-I got a question-bank on my new fancy future-phone, and I’m finding I actually enjoy the review. Who knew?

But yeah, everything is super-busy, and everything is going well. If I get all this stuff under control eventually, I’ll start back with the blogging. In the meantime, here’s Spoon Avocado, asking for your patience and forgiveness:

Don't listen to Dr. G.  That bum just doesn't want to write anything.  Lazy.  Lazy-lazy-lazy.

Don’t listen to Dr. G. That bum just doesn’t want to write anything. Lazy. Lazy-lazy-lazy.

……..Thanks, SpAv.

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