Not Long Now…..

I’m on the home stretch of the Residency From Hell (Of! DOOM!!!!!!!), and feeling pretty chipper when I’m not being flayed alive at work!

Stand by!

Here’s a picture of Spoon Avocado to entertain you while you wait!

SPAVYou may have already seen this one. But she’s in a sack!

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  1. Yayyyy! (Also, in case you missed the news… I’m totally married!)

  2. Yay! Great to hear from you, Dr. G.

    Scritches to Spoon Avocado.

  3. Cats and bags/boxes, always classic. (And, *legasp* She lives!!)

  4. Are you going to try to kill me?!?! I’m Imaginary….

    • This begs multiple questions:

      -Can one kill an imaginary entity?

      -If the man with no form and no shadow has stopped pounding rice, is he still a rice-pounder?

      -What is the sound of one hand clapping?

  5. I just found your blog. and have been reading some of the posts. I love what I’ve seen so far. 🙂

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! You’re tuning in at a pretty good time; I’ve promised my mother that I’m going to start posting regularly again, very soon!


      • Got anything on trauma? I could use that for a fanfic I’m working on.

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