New Imaginary Friends Holiday Tradition

From now on, when I admit patients on/around holidays, I will post the percentage of my admissions who turn out to be helpless, non-sick elderly people who have been dumped in the hospital by their “loving and concerned families”….just in time to get them out of the way for the holidays. (My favorite variation: when the family is completely uncontactable until the next business day, where they are OH-SO-RELIEVED-THAT-EVERYTHING-WAS-OKAY!)

I encourage any other admitting physicians with blogs to do the same.

So without further ado:

Happy Good Friday! — 33%

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  1. 33% out of how many patients though?

    • That’s a really good question, Marina! I’m happy that you’re able to think past statistics and ask what they really mean. That’s a very rare and very valuable skill.

      I was reporting only from my patients (I took Night Float, so that was 2 out of the 6), but each team had pretty much the same ratio – 4 of the 10 for Long Call, 0 out of 3 for Short Call, 1 out of the 5 redistribution/overflow patients. That was just at my current (university) hospital. In my experience, the ratios are higher at the county hospital, and ASTRONOMICAL at the Veterans’ hospital.

      I guarantee you that this is happening at every hospital in the country. And the reason I’ve decided to do this is that it happens on every holiday. That turns into a LOT of patients.

      Keep in mind that these are people who are not sick. At all.

      Just old and in the way.

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