The Logistics (And Consequences) Of Shaving A Cat On The First Day Of The Fourth Month

Dear Everyone:

I did not actually shave Spoon Avocado.

The post was an April Fools’ Day prank.

The naked cat pictured is actually a sphinx cat named Harlan, who belongs to my dear friends Lon and Shelley. He was not shaved, either. He just doesn’t have fur.

[In reality, I’m doing fine allergy-wise as long as I keep honest with my ceterizine and my allergen-free-zone bedroom (isolated with both kitty-non-admittance and changing clothes to clean and cat-hair-free outfits before I enter). SpAv is doing well hairball-wise with a combination of near-daily brushing and anti-hairball kitty treats.]

But oh, man! The responses! From my mom, from various concerned readers all expressing…a certain confused and carefully non-judgmental support for my “actions”….

First prize goes to my dad, whose hilariousness is tragically unsuitable for the more *ahem* polite corners of the interwebzes.

Second prize to my mom, who I guarantee that up until this moment, was trying to figure out how to politely say “Have you lost your !@#$ing mind?!” while scraping the corners of her credulousness to give me any benefit of the doubt she could possibly muster. (She may or may not have asked any cat-owning friends of hers whether or not this was a defensible action on my part…if so, I declare absolute victory over April Fools’ Day.)

Third prize to my cousin Julie and her awesome fiance, who thought it was a hilarious solution to the problem EVEN WHEN THEY THOUGHT I HAD SERIOUSLY DONE IT.

Fourth prize to Mary Robinette Kowal and Katie for actually figuring out that it was a prank. Lon gets points because it was his cat and therefore he was in on the joke. Mary also gets extra points because, let’s face it: her blog-based April Fools’ Day pranks set a bar so high you just have to reach for it.

My brother’s response?


I don’t know if he’s seen this yet. I gave an extra day so he had the best chance of actually catching it before the reveal. But not every arrow hits the intended target, I guess. 😀

SpAv, on the other hand, is not amused with how much you all have delighted me. When I laugh too hard, my stomach becomes unsuitable for a kitty bed. She just stalked off and is giving me an incredibly dirty look. But I think she can deal.


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  1. I applaud and congratulate you, from the depths of my Fools’ lovin’ heart, for hitting the *perfect* note of believable absurdity!

  2. For what it’s worth… I was very amused, although I was pretty clear that it was an April Fool’s joke. But you were doing so well in the comments, I didn’t want to spoil it! Bonus points for taking an actual picture of a real sphinx, I assumed you just found a picture online somewhere.

  3. For the record, I completely knew you were joking. No, I absolutely did. How gullible would I have to be to believe that! Ha ha. Ha. Um, ha.

  4. I was on guard all day, so I figured it out pretty quickly, but I have to give you points for having the ONLY April Fool’s post to make me think it was real even for a minute.

  5. I plead sleep-deprived mommy-brain,, and bow to the victor! Now that I think about it, I noticed some difference in markings, but for some reason did not make the connection! Well done!!

  6. Wow. I always knew I was gullible but you totally had me believing…

    I noticed some differences in the fur patterns but I was so convinced..

    Shame on you!

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