So I Couldn’t Take It Anymore….

Here’s the problem.

Spoon Avocado makes me sneeze like crazy. And she has this horrible hairball problem that has her puking every other day.

In short, we’re both miserable. And her fur is to blame for our misery.

So I went ahead and shaved her.

We’ll see how this works.



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  1. I’m torn between pity,and laughter. That is one skinny little cat now! But I do hope this’ll help you both. At least you should have less vomit to deal with!

  2. I would note the date….

  3. Kinda mangy lookin’ little critter…

  4. Oh my god… I’m torn between glad that you don’t have to suffer allergies and she’ll stop puking to just…. wow. She sure looks a lot different… Won’t your brother be happy when he see her!

  5. *SPEW*

    Just so you know, my helpless laughter scared the baby and is making my mother in law give me funny looks. That poor cat!

    You’ll have to watch her for dry skin, talk to her vet about what to do if it happens. I really hope her whiskers are just blending into her body color…

    Hope it helps… if you want to be sneaky, her fur will likely have grown back by June… what happens at Grasshopper’s stays at Grasshopper’s?

  6. Ahahahaha!

  7. lmao!! omg she looks so angry XD what on earth is your brother gonna think X3

  8. If your brother gets angry, you can always glue the fur to him.

  9. […] The post was an April Fools’ Day prank. […]

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