The Games – Ted Kosmatka

How often do you get to read a debut novel from an author so excruciatingly excellent that he makes other authors positively seethe with envy (when they’re not nominating him for prestigious awards)?

Don’t take my word for it, I guess. You can look at the fact that The Games is Library Journal’s Debut of the Month, or the fact that it got starred reviews from the likes of Publisher’s Weekly and Booklist.

And when the dust settles and a huge blockbuster movie is made from the story and suddenly people are talking about how it couldn’t possibly be science fiction because it is so GOOD and therefore “transcends the genre”, you can sniff derisively and talk about how you liked Kosmatka BEFORE he was famous.

You’re welcome.

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  1. I just bought the book on my Kindle. It looks SO good. I’m going to read it now…

    Ignoring teetering pile of homework.

    Kosmatka? Oh, you only just heard of him? So last March. I liked Kosmatka BEFORE he was cool!

  2. Finished it. That was good…… unexpected ending though.

    • I’ll tell him you liked it!

      • Wait. You KNOW him?

        Ignore me. I was just surprised.

        And it was a good book.

  3. Hi Ted,

    I really enjoyed your book. Over at my site I do “dueling reviews” and I pitted your book against “Arctic Rising”. Can you guess who won? It’s located here:

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