This Article Is Excellent

It’s about philosophy, science, medicine, culture, economics, and perception. Oooh, it’s a good one.

From Wired Magazine: Trials And Errors

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  1. Yes it is! LOVE Jonah Lehrer’s work, and the news in his bio that he’s working on a book about imagination makes me giddy!

  2. I think that went right over my head…. 😀
    Happy 2012!
    It was interesting to read about and well…. yep it went over my head completely.
    Hope to see more stuff soon! 🙂

    • That’s okay; it’s cool that you tried to hammer your way through it! The more you read (and the more variety you read), the fewer things will go over your head! Especially if you keep challenging yourself to understand things that might be over your head; that’s how you get better! (No one would ever grow if they stuck to the easy stuff. 😀 )

      Happy 2012!

      • That pretty much describes the process. Hammering. Against a wall. But I broke through! 😀
        I bet I’m going to find out that there was a door right there in a couple of years.
        Yay! Soon it won’t go over my head it’ll hit me in the face! I know…. but it was interesting. Half the articles I read do that to me…. to much stuff I don’t know. 😀
        Same for some of your posts about, I can;t even remember now. The marble run. Went flying overhead and into the distance. But I got something out of it so it was worthwhile.

        Love your blog!!! 😀
        2012! The apocalypse! :O

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