How To Talk Doctor! Lesson Q

The Doctor Term Of The Day is….


“Q”, when it pops out of the mouth of a doctor, means “every”.

Q 6 hours = every six hours

Q day = every day

Q other week = every other week

Q where you look
Q where you go
There’s a face
Of somebody who needs you = Probably the first time in human history that the lyrics to the Full House theme song have been bastardized in quite that way…..

It’s from the Latin, “Quaque”, in case you suddenly developed a burning desire to know such a thing.

Today’s lesson was brought to you by the letter H.

(What? WHAT?)

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  1. Quaque?

    Thanks, doc! That’s just ducky!

  2. So when all the lines move forward simultaneously, you can say “Cue Q queue”?

  3. cool story bro

  4. Is that why “quack” is slang for “bad or false doctor”? Cool! I always wondered!

  5. No, I am wrong. According to the interwebs (who are never wrong):
    “The word “quack” is an abbreviation of “quacksalver” a 16th-century word meaning a peddler who sold fraudulent medicines in the street. Since to quack meant to peddle, to “quacksalve” meant to peddle a salve or ointment, especially one that allegedly could cure any malady. The charlatan who did this peddling was a quacksalver. Today a “quack” means either a fake or unethical medical doctor. “

  6. Qwere I go,
    Q smile I see,
    I know you are there,
    smiling back at me.

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