Official Declaration: Daylight Savings Time Is Stupid.

Or, at best, outdated.

Time is an artificial construction, measured only by agreed-upon convention. The only purpose of measuring time with a clock is to coordinate action. The actual numbers on the clock don’t matter; the clock says whatever we as a society agree that it should say.

So, I propose that as a society, we mutually agree that Daylight Savings Time unnecessarily complicates matters, without adding any benefit. Don’t talk to me about energy savings, because when Indiana made the poor decision of switching to Daylight Savings Time in order to conform to everyone else’s idiocy, energy consumption went UP 3%. Oh, and Indiana is a farming state, so I don’t want to hear about how important it is for farmers to have DST.

If you need extra daylight, GET UP AN HOUR EARLIER. It’s that simple. We don’t need to all change our clocks at the same time to accommodate you.

Wouldn’t you rather see the days get naturally shorter and longer, the way life is supposed to be? I grew up without DST, and I gotta tell you, clock-changing days STILL feel like existential whiplash even after ten years.

Daylight Savings Time is outdated, annoying, unnatural, bestows no added benefit, and only serves to remind us how arbitrary our measurement of time truly is. There is no reason for us to cling to this absurd practice.

How can I get it changed?

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  1. I agree completely. I have never heard anyone say ‘oh yay, we have Daylight Savings!’ In fact, everyone I hear says it sucks.

    Here in Saskatchewan, Canada, we don’t do Daylight Savings. I like it like that. But there are others here who say ‘we need that extra hour’ or ‘we need to be like everyone else’.

    So, every April and November now, people have to debate it. While I’m just happy I don’t have to change my clocks. Maybe I should point all those dissenters to this blog post, where you’ve explained it all so well.

  2. I agree completely.

    My friends and family in Arizona are spared this nonsense, and they seem to get their work done just fine.

    Some have suggested year-round DST. This is a seriously bad idea, since in most of the country it puts little kids out waiting for the school bus in the dark.

    Anyone who’s a student or an independent professional knows how to get up earlier if needed. We could offer seminars on the process, thus enlightening the nation and boosting our income.

  3. The tyranny of the morning people must be ended!

    I do want to know what they were smoking when they decided to implement it in Indiana…

  4. Easiest way may be to invent a time machine and go kill Ben Franklin. He’s the one that came up with the stupid idea in the first place. 😦

  5. +1

    Doctor Who would agree. Leave time to the Time Lords. πŸ™‚

  6. I completely agree, why don’t we just chose the time and stick with it. when you switch clocks one hour earlier or later, you only lying to yourself.

  7. the only good part of DST is that you get to sleep an hour more once a year. that hour is then removed when we go back to the normal time. A solution might be that you make school starte differantly, but I think its fighting a lost battle.

    • Unless you’re working when the hours change. Which I have been. At that point, it’s an extra hour of work, an extra hour before you can eat, an extra hour that you have to wait to sleep.

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