More Excuses

So I was totally going to write a post for you today, since I got done with work early. But I kind of ended up setting up a wireless connection for my apartment instead, so I could use my new sexy computer, which doesn’t have an ethernet port, to write to you using the interwebz.

I present this post as evidence of my success.

Although if I had declared abject failure and used my old computer which physically connected to the internet with an ethernet cable, and had decided to lie to you, this post would look about the same.

So you’ll just have to trust me, won’t you.

Not bad for a troglodyte, huh?

PS: WordPress invited me to tag this post “abject failure”. Which leads me to believe that WordPress did not actually read my post. Or is trying to be ironic. In which case, we should be careful. Because when WordPress develops a sense of irony or an interest in killing its imaginary friends….well, I’ll leave that sentence for someone more clever than I am to finish.

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  1. Looks like I will looking up my word for the day…tux!

  2. Do WP’s imaginary friends dream of imaginary posts?

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