Yes, today is the tenth anniversary of September 11.

Yes, everyone on the Internet is posting some commemoratory commemorification thingy or another.

May I make a suggestion?

Instead of commemorating a crime against the soul of humanity by watching self-serving speeches or buying items that only serve to profit from tragedy and from the obliviousness of our fellow Americans, why not contribute to the soul of humanity by helping out someone less fortunate than you are?

That’s right. I’m suggesting volunteer work!

Help out at a soup kitchen!

Read to nursing home residents!

Hang out with homeless teenagers!

If you’re short on time and/or opportunity, donate to a charity of your choice, so they can help out other people!

If nothing else, say something nice to your neighbor.

Do something. Build something. Help someone. Disempower people who tried to turn us into something ugly by contributing to the strength of our communities. Don’t get distracted by the hand-waving, self-serving profiteering that everyone else will be sucked into.

On this tenth anniversary, I will not be watching a single speech, reading a single blog post, or purchasing a single morally bankrupt “commemorative item”. Instead, I will be taking care of sick veterans. (Full disclosure: not on a volunteer basis; it’s the rotation I’m on. But worthwhile regardless, no?)

What will you be doing?

If you buy this T-shirt or anything similar to it....the terrorists win.

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  1. Thanks for this. As a veteran myself, I find myself getting weary of the lip service. In the time I’ve been in, I’ve noticed one very peculiar thing – the speeches and devotions are all centralized at certain points in the year. Most notably, the anniversaries of tragedy, such as the terror attacks, and sometimes those who remember what Veteran’s Day started out as.

    It might sound a bit presumptuous of me to say this, but while the recognition of service is nice, it would be far better to have a steady year-long stanchion of support from people, rather than a few days of political speeches that do little more than to soothe egos.

    Also, as a military member, I’d like to encourage people to concentrate on their community heroes. Policemen, firemen, medics.

    If people see me walking down the street in uniform, there’s a good chance that I’ll be pulled aside for someone to say ‘thanks’, or talk to, etc. It’s nice. Flattering.


    When was the last time you stopped a police officer to say thank you? Statistically, their job is far more dangerous than mine. And it doesn’t need to be a holiday or anniversary of anything to do it. Believe me, it will make their day.

  2. Amen, brother.

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