Shameless Opinioneering

The two best actors acting in TV shows I’ve seen recently:

Aldis Hodge (Alec Hardison / Leverage)

Matt Smith (The Doctor / Doctor Who)


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  1. I concur with the first, but I think Arthur Darvill is the better actor on the current Doctor Who series.

  2. As much as I love both of those guys, this year my heart belongs to Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones). Holy F, if he doesn’t win a handful of awards, I’ll lose all faith in humanity.

  3. My two favorite actors are currently Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman from BBC’s SHERLOCk. 🙂

    Call me a rabid fangirl, call me anything you like, but I still miss Tennant. And Eccleston, come to that.

    • I can understand that. Tennant is still my favorite. But I never thought anyone could match him, and here this new kid is rocking my socks off. How about the tension in that first episode this season? Now THAT was some acting!

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