Hey, Remember Phil?

You know, the poor, neglected badass of a philodendron I have instead of a pet?

Well, after over a year of recovery from being horribly neglected to the point that it was only a bare stem while I was sucked into med school, it has finally gathered all of its small, philodendrony willpower and pushed out a SECOND LEAF!

I figured since you guys were nice enough to care about it the last time, I’d share some pictures.

I’m not scraping for an excuse to use the camera on my i-touch thingy or anything. I swear.

Go, Phil, go!

Phil turns over (out?) a new leaf... (cue rimshot)

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  1. Tsk. I remember the days when one leaf was good enough for anybody!

  2. iTouch – LOL!
    (Elodea likes plants. GO Phil, GO!)

  3. Hooray for Phil!

    Perhaps you should reward him with a new pot. Or at least some plant food.

  4. Hee! Don’t let all the attention go to Phil’s head– er leaf.

  5. Thanks, guys! Phil is waving its leaf at you!

    (Hm….can’t decide if that sounds wrong or not…..)

  6. go Phil go!

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