Leadership Thingz: Wishing For A Happy Medium

So maybe I just like having things my way.

But as much as I complain about how often my senior leaves me alone to do the work of the entire team, I gotta say it’s really refreshing to be in charge.

I was alone (again) today. But really, REALLY alone this time. My senior had given both herself and my co-intern the day off. (To punish me for refusing to give her the Nephrology exam answers?) It was just me, with my two illustrious and eager but rather inexperienced students (who really impressed me today).

And you know what? It was nice. I didn’t have to deal with the screaming or the miscommunications or the working at cross-purposes. My students helped me to the best of their abilities, and then I sent them home. And you know what? Stuff got done.

As much as it helps to have more people on your team and more hands and minds working together, a non-functional team can be less effective than doing things on your own.

But given my preference, I like working with a functional team. Sometimes you can have the best of both worlds.

This month was unfortunately not one of those times.

Not much longer.

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  1. 2 more days and you’re done.
    (What Nephrology exam answers?)

    • Well, there’s a bit of a month overlap. I might be going all the way to the 7th?

      (And we take monthly exams in our program. They’re web-based, and you can take them any time; you also get feedback and explanations for the questions you get wrong. My senior likes to force whoever is working for her to record their answers and send them to her.)

      • Oh dear Lord. This person might have my life, or that of someone I love, in her hands?

        That’s selfish of me. It’s deeply worrying that she has *anyone’s* life in her hands.

        Please tell me she’s capable of putting these behavior problems aside in emergencies. Please?

        Of course, since she cheated on her exams, that might not do much good…

        • She’s functional. Mostly.

          • In other words – keep the grasshopper’s phone number at hand in case of need.

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