Is May Over Yet?

Far be it from me to wish a week and a half of my life away, but this month is really wearing me down.

Besides the senior-resident-from-hell and the attending-from-hell and the co-intern-from-hell being exactly who they are with absolutely no variation…..

…….you know it’s going to be a bad day when you have to throw your shoes away before lunch.

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  1. {hugs}

    (From a complete stranger you’ve never met! creepy…)

    • You only get internet-cooties from internet-hugs. Those are quite curable, and pretty well worth it.


      • You might be getting Intern’s-cooties from me 😉

        • ::High-five to exchange even more intern-cooties!::

          • Woohhoo!

  2. :::trying to guess which bodily fluid was on the shoes:::

    I won’t talk about the acute peritonitis and what spewed forth from the elderly females mouth onto a number of shoes…

    • Hematemesis. Volumes of it.

      My poor shoes.

      I ended up spending the rest of the day in borrowed scrub pants, socks borrowed/stolen from the nurses’ station, and my galoshes.

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