Leadership Thingz: Because SOME Good Has To Come Of This.

I’m having a difficult floor month. It’s not the patients who are the problem. For once, it’s not even the hospital staff.

It’s my colleagues.

I’m on a team with two extremely unprofessional people who also hate each other’s guts. And they don’t have the interpersonal skills to keep it to their own damned selves.

One of these people is my senior. And she’s no good at team management. Which means this month is a lot rockier than it has to be.


I’ve decided to inexpertly blab a little about leadership. A bit at a time.

Hopefully I’ll learn some good lessons on how NOT to treat my subordinates next year.

Lesson 1: If something goes wrong, do NOT dress down your subordinate in front of his or her peers. That’s just rude. If you really want something to improve for next time, take him or her aside and have a quick, private conversation about what went wrong and how to fix any problems that arose. Humiliation is a tool used by incompetent leaders.

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  1. An important one I’ve learned from experience is: Tell people what you expect them to do, and how you expect them to do it, BEFORE they do things wrong.

    Really hope you manage to endure your less-than-perfect boss and their issues…

  2. That’s kind-of basic, isn’t it?

  3. There is a golden rule in my place of work. “Reprimand in private, praise in public.”

    Unfortunately, many bad leaders do not get better. They do have a purpose, though – to serve as an example for what you should not do once you are in their position. I’ve worked for many people who are nothing but grown up school bullies who have the same mentality that they’ve carried all their lives. They increase their own feeling of self-worth through the belittlement of others who are often unable to fully defend themselves.

  4. There’s a difference between a leader and a superior: a superior is a dictator; a leader is a coach. A superior says, “Do this, or else.” A leader says, “This is what we need to do.” A superior says, “You’d better not do anything wrong.” A leader says, “We’re all in this together.”

    Of course, someone who is technically your superior can be a great leader. The funny thing is, even if you know this person is your superior, they don’t make you feel inferior.

    Had to laugh at the Google ad that accompanies this post:

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    • I have google ads on my posts?


      Um…..do I have google ads on my posts?

      • no, but it’s a funny reply 🙂

        • I was surprised to see it, too — I hadn’t thought I’d seen these ads on this blog. But it was there that time. I don’t see any today…

          Maybe Google couldn’t resist?

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