How Fortunate That We Have Mark Twain In Our Lives

He really has captured the essence of the human condition; he gives us an applicable quote for pretty much any occasion.

Today’s example:

“I’ve never wished a man dead, but I’ve read some obituaries with great pleasure.” –Mark Twain

Lon Prater also has some pretty wise things to say.

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  1. As a lawyerling, I came across this gem: “At a New England society dinner, Mark Twain had just finished piquant address when Mr. Evarts arose, shoved both of his hands down into his trousers’ pockets, as was his habit, and laughingly remarked: ‘Doesn’t it strike this company as a little unusual that a professional humorist should be funny?’ Mark Twain waited until the laughter excited by this sally had subsided, and then drawled out: ‘Doesn’t it strike this company as a little unusual that a lawyer should have his hand in his own pockets?'”

    • Pechous, you are my favorite lawyerling. But not for long, for as soon as you become a full-fledged lawyer, you’ll have to take second place to my big brudder. Nothing personal, enjoy the status while you have it.


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