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Hi there!

I was just ego-surfing a bit, and came across a very valid critique of this blog. It basically pointed out the fact that you had to wade through a lot of my navel-contemplation in order to find the resource material that I wrote when I…um….had some time and energy to spend on writing. (Most of those posts took about five or so hours each to write, on average. Hey, it’s been a long time since I took basic physiology. 😀 )


For the people who read the blog only for snippets of medical information that they can use in their writing, I plan to comb through the last year’s worth of posts and tag the “useful” ones for easy access through my tag-cloud-thingy on the right of the screen.

Hopefully that will satisfy the critique, and allow people to bypass the one-off, five-minute posts that I put up to keep the blog going (and hopefully, entertaining?) in the complete absence of free time.

I have no idea when this will happen (see “complete absence of free time” comment above), but keep your eyes open for it!

Update: Hmm, looks like I just went ahead and did it. So, check the tag cloud and enjoy!

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  1. Yay! just don’t forget to continue with the “one-off, five-minute posts” for those of us who likes those as well 🙂


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