Series 6!

One of the hardest things about being a geek doctor in a hospital where most of the nurses have a rather fun combination of dialect and accent is the question that arises whenever I give an order over the phone or return a page:

“You are Doctor who?”

It’s hard to avoid saying, “Of course not! I couldn’t park a TARDIS within a three-mile radius of this place without getting ticketed!” Which would really, really confuse a lot of people. While they’re trying to work. Which is not nice. So I usually bite my tongue and say “Grasshopper” instead. Or, you know, the appropriate substitute for the situation and its relative, um, reality.

(It’s going to be even harder working overnight tonight, knowing that SERIES 6 IS STARTING WHILE I WORK!)

Looking forward to it!

Enjoy, everyone!

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  1. Behold the PVR – even The Doctor is powerless to overcome its personal scheduling power over time. 🙂

  2. From what little I’ve seen of that I’d do that too. Lol. Here’s another medical question on Cauterizing wounds. It is possible to close a deep wound by burning the skin together no? There is a little bit of paranormal healing going on, but the wound needs to be closed in order to heal right. I just want to know the pros and cons of doing such a thing.

    • -It’s probably better to sew it shut; burning destroys the tissue, whereas sewing just holds it together until the tissues knit. But you can do anything you want with magic. That’s why it’s magic. 😀

      -Closing superficial tissues leaves a danger of having pockets of space where bacteria can grow in a dark, wet, nutrient-rich place. Abscesses love to form in improperly-closed wounds. Often, a wound will be left open to heal from the bottom up; an open wound doesn’t fester infections like an improperly-closed one does.

      • Ah okay. That makes more sense. Everything I read on it said to go to the emergency room. And I was like “what if you couldn’t go, and didn’t have a needle?” the character has a background in first aid so I wanted to be sort of accurate.

  3. YAY DOCTOR WHO! Can’t wait until tomorrow night. Hope you got to see it!

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