I Am A Goopy, Goopy Grasshopper.

I’m going under the assumption that people halfway give a damn and/or don’t mind reading about the progression of a common viral illness in real time….but as an update, I am to the point where I’m completely flattened by this bug. I’m goopy and runny from practically every hole in my head, my head aches and my brain is foggy, and my body doesn’t feel like doing anything but lie here in bed.

I had a can of chicken soup earlier, and I’m hungry again….but any food I consider making just sounds unappetizing at this point. So I’ll make some tea and some toast, and sleep for the rest of the night.


-I wore a respiratory isolation mask around my patients, so I think they’ll be okay.
-I got sent home from work early.
-I was invited to take tomorrow off too (I’m on an easy month with no inpatient responsibilities)

Downsides (besides feeling like a goop-monster who has just been run down by a steamroller):

-I sneezed all over my clinic preceptor. It was an unpleasant surprise for both of us. I’m so embarrassed.
-My mom is visiting, and I’m worried about infecting her.
-I was going to go dancing with my mom tonight. So much for that.
-I’m not studying either (like I should be)
-Various other downsides. But I’m falling asleep again.

Thanks for the good wishes, suggestions, and sympathy, everyone!

I’ll likely be back to functional status tomorrow.

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  1. It could be worse. You could have the plague.

    Feel better. Although I can point out that your yuckiness resulted in more posts over three days than your running average. :p

    • Heh, complaining doesn’t take as much work as the other posts do……

  2. Poor Grasshopper! I was wondering how sick you’d have to get before they’d send you home. Seriously nonfunctional, I guess.

    You and your mother both have my sympathies; I hope she doesn’t catch this thing.

    Get well soon and skewer some more pseudo-medical nonsense for us!

    • Hmmm, skewering of pseudo-medical nonsense….should I call out the writers of “V” for that phosphorus laugh-riot(-oh-I-mean-plot-point)?

      • [I was hoping someone would touch on that soon! – Maybe the ‘V’s are really just poor souls with malfunctioning kidneys o_O]

        • Seriously. But either the V’s plan is doomed to failure….or the human race’s kidneys are.

          Which does not appear to be a part of the plot.

          Unless the human soul is seated in the kidneys.

          Which no philosopher, to my knowledge, ever deigned to posit.

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