Cross-Training: The Piano

In which Tom Waits breaks practically every rule of good piano-playing and vocal technique, and creates an amazing piece of music that just wouldn’t be the same if he DIDN’T break practically every rule of good piano-playing and vocal technique. (This is probably one of the best songs ever written, if you ask my humblest of opinions . . . )

Lesson to be garnered: Rule-breaking can be an Incredibly Effective Technique when used correctly. And carefully. By someone who really, REALLY knows what they’re doing.

Like a blowtorch.

Know the rules before you break them. And be careful and deliberate in your choices.

And maybe you can create an amazing piece of art.


(And I’m just putting this video up because it’s also one of my favorite songs EVER:)

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  1. One does not need an excuse to link Tom Waits videos 🙂

    There are few days bad enough that listening to some Tom Waits can’t make at least a little better. Like this one: There’s just something about his voice that’s comforting like an old squeaky screen door on your childhood home.

    Not music, but still proof of Tom Waits awesomeness

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