Teachin’ Stuff

One of my med students is named D’Artagnan.

Is. That. Rockin’. Or. What.

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  1. I’m fascinated by what he goes by– Artie? I’m voting for “Curlylocks” myself.

  2. Hmm… D’Ar, maybe?

    But yes, the image of Chris O’Donnell did indeed spring to mind. LOL

  3. Adventure is ahead! You just need two of your resident friends to join you! (Also is there a sword shop near your hospital?)

  4. I didn’t know where to send a question- so I apologize for posting this as a comment.
    As a future doctor- What is the likely hood of actual human cloning being a possibility in the future? When it comes to stem cell research it’s amazing the things scientist are doing with organs,(March 2011 National Geographic)but as a writer for a science fiction novel I wonder how far I can go without sounding too fake?

  5. Ultra-cool!

  6. I approve. Please tell me he is also skilled at fencing and seduction. (And, I hope, medicine.)

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