Stories From Residency: Olfactory Diagnosis

So I get on a train.

And too late, I see everyone in the car genteel-ly trying to hold their noses in creative quasi-unassuming ways.

And the doors close behind me.

And it hits me like a wall.

And I know immediately that someone on the train has a necrotizing perirectal abscess that really, REALLY, REALLY needs draining.

And I realize that I am likely the only one on the train who is thinking about that horrific stench in quite that way.

And I switch cars at the next stop.

And I feel sorry for the doctor that will eventually have to handle this situation.

To think I even considered working in an emergency room at one point!


I’m starting to get interviews rolling in from the Codex Blog Tour! I’ll start scheduling posts as they come in. I plan on encouraging the authors to stick around for a couple days after their interview and join in any discussion that pops up. Hopefully at least a few will be up for that.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Yuck.

    Such is the price of knowledge.

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