An Observation

You know, male doctors don’t have to deal with their patients grabbing their asses as much as female doctors do.

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  1. That’s because said doctors don’t work in a seniors’ home. Those elderly ladies can be desperate – and they have nothing to lose. 🙂

  2. It’d be even less of a problem if you’d carry a k-bar.

    Call it a discount amputation if anyone complains.

    Well, that is, unless you WANT people to grab your ass more than they already do. In that case, disregard my previous advice and go buy wranglers.

  3. It’s not just doctor’s, either. My female partner used to work in KFC with me. On the night shift, she’d regularly get her arse or breasts grabbed. But what could we do? They were customers, and we were just employees. But it’s okay, because we live in a society where sexism is dead and gone, right?

    Maybe next time someone does it, you could proscribe an colonoscopy for them. Just a thought…

  4. Wow, dude. you’re, like, smart…

    (typing while bursting with laughter)

  5. I think this is sad, because a doctor of either gender should be able to bring their donkey or other livestock to work without having to worry about it being mishandled.

    Speaking only ever so slightly more seriously, I like Dylan’s suggestion. I think it would be educational. “Oh, so you think it’s fun to have a stranger fooling with your back side? Then you’re going to love this.”

  6. Vote #3 for Dylan’s idea.

    Except I’d some leather, a ball-gag, and a lack of any form of sedation/painkillers, but that’s just me. 😉

  7. actually, there is a procedure similar to a colonoscopy that doesn’t need sedation because it doesn’t go all the way up the colon. It’s called a sigmoidoscopy, it only looks at the very end of the colon called the sigmoid lol so, vote #4 for Dylan’s idea.

    btw Dylan, you can still call assault on someone, even customers, for grabbing, especially of the breasts. That’s just straight sexual assault, you can’t even claim accidental brushing like that. and don’t believe sexism isn’t just as alive and well as racism, ageism, or any other type of discrimination

  8. Yep, but when you do get grabbed the attacker often has a second chance while you are scratching your head and thinking, “OK, that just didn’t happen.” (Elderly man with advanced dementia. It’s rare you have a male patient with a “No Male Therapists” order in the chart).

  9. Or with patients who they are talking to about their treatment looking at them and saying: By the way, when is the doctor going to come by? Or saying to the male boss on rounds: I haven’t seen a doctor the whole week. Etc.

    I wouldn’t actually torture patients (and I haven’t personally been ass/boob-grabbed by one (yet)), but revenge colonoscopies (rectal exams seem more equivalent, but less entertaining) sure are a fun thing to contemplate!

    • By the way, I’m not a doctor yet, these things occured in my presence, but not directly to me, though personally, I’ve been assumed to be a nurse much more often than a med student.

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