Lessons From the ICU: Simple Joy.

I just took a shower. And changed my socks. And I’m eating dinner.

I got to come home tonight.

Ooh! Ooh! And I’m going to brush my TEETH when I’m done eating!!!

After over 48 hours of none of those things……..this feels damn good.

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  1. Lessons from being with someone stuck in ER for 72 hours: Take socks and toothbrush/paste with you. And other personal hygiene products. And some energy bars. :/

    Marian Allen

  2. hooray!

    (Elodea with her Hebrew user name)

  3. “I’ll tell you the story of a sorrowful lad. Had everything he wanted, didn’t want what he had. He had wealth & health & fame & name & all of that noise. He didn’t have none of those simple joys…”

    *grins* Sorry, I saw the post title and I couldn’t resist.

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