You Look Bored.

It’s my fault, I know. I’m not entertaining you adequately.

Sorry bout that.

Let me make up for it.

If you’re on Facebook. . .

Oh, don’t you DARE recommend one of those stupid Farmville games. They suck out your soul and spam your friends and sell your information to people who would sodomize babies if they thought it would make them an extra dollar or two that quarter.

Um . . . that wasn’t what I was going to recommend.


It is a game that’s played on Facebook, though. I mean, it uses Facebook as a platform. But it’s manually run by a friend of mine, using one of the features ON Facebook.

It’s a captioning contest. And it’s a LOT of fun. Especially because, you know, we’re writers and stuff.

Here’s how it works.

Look for and join the group called “Pikchure Imperphect”. (There should be only one of them.)

Every week, Dave posts a captionable picture in the “Photos” section of the group. When that happens, one of those throw-away announcements pops up on your feed, like with any other thing that happens on Facebook. (And if it gets buried [as it often does in mine], you can always just go to the group page and pull it up.)

Then people write their entries in the Comments section under the photos.

At the end of the week, Dave contacts last week’s winner, and they’re asked to pick their three favorite captions from the current week to be semifinalists.

Then Dave creates an “event” for voting. He assigns each of the possible RSVP responses (“Attending”, “Maybe Attending” or “Not Attending”) to a quote, and posts them. You vote for your favorite quote of the three semifinalists by clicking on the corresponding RSVP response.

Then Dave announces the winner, and the cycle repeats.

So. Much. Fun.

I haven’t had much time to keep up with it lately, but it’s always good for a chuckle. There are some incredibly clever people playing.

Here’s the Pikchure for Week 44. I know you have something funny to say about it!

Go thou and play, fellow writers!

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  1. OMG I could do with one of those right now…. nice and smooth.

  2. Haven’t checked to be sure, but I think I recently read that groups have been discontinued as of December 1st? And while previous groups may still exist, I don’t think anyone new can join… 😦

    Please tell me I’m wrong!

    • I actually don’t know anything about that. But you can try and see?

  3. Yap bby , that’s it …you’re right!!! Good post!!!

  4. yaa man ur right really good post.

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