So Here’s The Deal.

I’m starting in the ICU tomorrow. I’ll be there for a month. Then I got onto two ward months. I’ll pop up to gasp for air at the beginning of March, when I’ll have two glorious, blessed weeks of vacation.

I’ve known this was coming.

I had a plan for this.

During this past month, I was going to write twelve delicious, meaty posts all about the delightful uses of medicine in fiction, schedule them to pop up one per week, and supplement with little observations and witticisms and stuff from my day-to-day life.

That was the plan.

How many posts did you write?



Exactly right! Except completely wrong!

I’m assuming you’re at the other end of the scale, then.

::Sigh:: Good assumption.

Ladies and gentlemen, I wrote no posts for this blog in the past month. None. My archive is empty except for fragments that really aren’t readable yet.

I have no excuse. I had the time. I had the subjects to write about.

I Just Didn’t Do It.

Instead, I played my guitar and watched Stargate SG1 and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I also wrote some more on my novel, but not as much as I could have, given the fact that I wasn’t putting any wordcount into the blog.

My friends tell me intake mode is just as important as output mode. I think they’re probably right.

But that doesn’t make for a very good blog that’s worthy of people’s time and attention.

And here we are. I’m looking at a three-month free-time desert.


Here’s the deal.

For the next couple of months, the posts are going to be shorter. Like they have been recently. But I’m going to try to make them at least a little more content-y than they have been. More musing about writing, more info about organs and cool things like that. And probably the odd musing about life as an intern.

When I get back into the whole “free time” thing, I’ll get back into the longer posts. Because I do have a good amount of stuff to explain to you still, and I love doing it.

So, if you’ll bear with me, hopefully we can overcome the fact that I was Just Lazy this month.

I appreciate your patience.

And you have no idea how thrilled and flattered I am that you all think my blog is worth your time.


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  1. Your blog’s interesting to read, and I’m happy to wait as long as it takes for you to post again because I know it’ll be worth it. (And thanks to the RSS feed, I’ll know when you post ;-).)

  2. I agree with Castiron. Its pretty much worth the wait.

  3. In my experience, Avatar: The Last Airbender > pretty much anything that doesn’t involve Harry Potter, legos, play-dough, and bubbles. It’s more addicting than TvTropes. So, I totally understand that part of the month. πŸ™‚

    • Heh. Ain’t it grand? I love a good story with complex, growing characters!

      And awesome bad guys. I LOVE me a good awesome bad guy.

  4. Like your friends say, input time is just as vital as output time. If writers don’t spend time living their lives and enjoying them, what the hell are they going to write about? You’re a human being and need downtime just as much–probably more, given you spend your working life saving people’s lives–as everyone else. Don’t feel guilty about taking it!

  5. Want some of my posts? They’re gloomy and full of dying patients. Oh, and in Hebrew. But still – content!

    • Hee hee! Thanks, Elodea. I think I’m relatively set. Wish I could read Hebrew, though, so I could see what kinds of things you have to say!

  6. No worries, dear Dr Grasshopper! I fully understand. As others say, it’s definitely worth the wait. Good luck with the next few months!! Looking forward to your posts, whether they be short or long or sooner or later. πŸ™‚

  7. What? You’re human? Say it isn’t so!
    No worries, Doc – we’re not gonna go away just because you’re working. Stop in and visit us whenever you can. We’ll be here. πŸ™‚

  8. You can’t do a good job of *anything* if you don’t take a break now and then. Sometimes, the brain has to play in order to be able to work. And you have a much tougher, brainier job than many who read your column.

    I’m no medical expert, but I’ll personally experiment on anyone who doesn’t think you have a right to a break when you get the chance. Dissection is one way to learn anatomy… πŸ˜‰

  9. Thanks so much for your understanding, everybody. You guys rock my world.

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