Rage. RAGE!

(Warning: profanity utilized to convey extreme emotion. Mom, you might want to skip this one.)

Dear Merck:

A word on your drug rep’s presentation about All Of The Excellent And Wonderful And Useful Resources That Merck Has Lovingly Produced Just For Residents!(tm) (With Donuts!)(tm)

You know what would be an Excellent And Wonderful And Useful Resource?

Antibiotics geared toward gram-negative infections.

You know, so I don’t have to stand by helplessly and watch my patients suffer and die from gram-negative infections.

Shouldn’t your rep’s salary and donut allowance be going to that goal, instead of spending it to hypocritically try and convince me that Merck gives a damn about my medical practice?

One of my patients is dying of said gram-negative infection at this moment, just down the hall from your rep’s smarmy presentation.

And I’ll have to watch it happen.

You won’t, though. You’re going to sit there safe in your corporate headquarters and count the green you save by not putting it into “low-yield” R&D.

And then you’re going to use it to send me yet another drug rep in a sex-sells wardrobe, who will smile in my face and tell me all about How That’s Just Good Business Practice.(tm) (With Donuts!)(tm)

Fuck you, Merck.

Fuck. You.

— Doctor Grasshopper

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  1. Stabbity stab stab.

  2. Ugh. Seriously, how would life-saving antibiotics not be a profitable venture? Seems like it would be a great way to extort some cash, when people are looking at the options (that is, dying.)

    Idiot, IDIOT companies.

    But it does actually make me feel a little better to hear from doctors who are also angry about these things. Thank you for the venting.

    • A profitable drug is one that a patient will take every day, multiple times a day, for the rest of her life.

      An unprofitable drug is one that a patient takes for a five-day or a two-week course and it cures them. For example, a hypothetical powerful antibiotic geared toward infections such as acinetobacter baumanii or klebsiella pneumonia.

      I understand the business aspect of it. But you know what? That makes me hate it even more.

  3. But, of course, passing legislation to force companies to produce the low profit drugs which doctors rely on to save lives every day is EVIL and SOCIALIST (which is another way of saying EVIL). The free market will regulate supply! Profit-making must not be hindered!

    I know it’s kind of cool to hate big Pharma, and so it’s becoming cool not hate them, but seriously. Big Pharma in the US continuously put profit before the lives of patients. That’s a pretty good definition of evil in my dictionary.

  4. Good for You! I second that, “Fuck you, Merck.”

    I’m sorry about your patient.

  5. Wow: I have not known you to be a big f-bomber in your time, but you’re certainly picking a good reason to be upset. Merck, listen up! I’m very sorry to hear about your patient.

  6. I know! I do outpatient family medicine and it is really amazing how may meds there are for “overactive bladder,” and how few there are for malaria. Malaria only happen is poor countries, you know, so who is going to spend money developing meds that are not chronic and that no poor country will be able to afford anyway?

  7. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Malcolm 'f.' Cross, Mary Sue. Mary Sue said: I don't have patients, but this post by @DctrGrasshopper is in the back of my mind when I see sales reps. http://goo.gl/Ti03A […]

  8. Unfortunately, in fiction, no one would believe it if you killed a character this way. Only in real life…

    I’m so sorry about your patient. Thoughts and prayers going out.

  9. Just a little something to tally with the donuts and ‘come hither’ sales attire: Every now and then I get pharmaceutical sales crap intended for a surgeon on campus, and I’m always irritated by it. The most recent one was advertising all the Great! Gifts! one could earn by accumulating points. How does one accumulate points? Well, the email seemed a little cagey on the subject. But hey: great gifts like power tools and TVs! (Also, I think they need to look up ‘gift’ in the dictionary. While they’re at it, also ‘bribe’)

  10. Wow. I’m so happy that I don’t practice medicine at the US. I only had to stay up today for an hour lecture about skin problems caused by TKI’s and EGFRi. And you know, nobody expects the people at Oncology to actually live, so I’m not pissed at Merck. Today, that is…

    • ::deep, profound sigh expanding to the full extent of my vital capacity::

  11. makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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