Book Plugs! With Initials!

I rarely have time to read novels anymore.

I know! Isn’t it awful! Doesn’t that just fill your heart with sadness unending, down to the soulless depths of the universe?

can't....contain.....the sadness......

Oh, please don’t cry.

You know, there’s actually something you can do about it!

There is?

There absolutely is!

You can read FOR me!!!

Hooray! Hooray!

But Doctor Grasshopper, what ever shall I read?

Funny you should ask, random southern belle who just happened to be passing by!

I have two fantastic suggestions for you!

N. K. Jemisin already blew me away with her debut novel, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. Epic and personal and complex and powerful…it’s no wonder it made both the Borderlands bestseller list and the Publishers Weekly “Best Books Of 2010.’

And now, (joyful, joyful!) there’s a sequel!

I’ll bet you’ve noticed by now that sequels are tricky things. They’re rarely ever as good as the first book. But Jemisin has absolutely found the cure for the common sequel.

Though Book Two of the Inheritance Trilogy is set in the same world, at the same point in the story where Book One left off, Jemisin made the genius move of relegating most of the major players from Book One to the background. They’re still there, and still players, but you see them from a COMPLETELY new perspective. The main character becomes a distant and mysterious entity. Characters you’ve fallen in love with turn cold and terrifying. Characters you hated down to the seed of your soul start to stir the first feelings of sympathy. And there are new characters to love, and discover, and hate. It’s an unbelievable feat of storytelling, and a brilliant choice for Book Two.

As if that wasn’t enough, The Broken Kingdoms treats you to yet another shift in perspective as well. Book Two is set outside of the palace of Sky. And that means we get to see the effects of the second Gods’ War on the world that Jemisin has created. We get to see day-to-day people adapting to the sudden shift in their palpable theology (it’s not like they could ignore it), and resignedly rearranging their cities and their lives around the new order.

This is a series for people who like their gods powerful and unpredictable, their stories complex and chewy, their worlds beyond rich, and their romances steamy.

Look for The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms on the ballot for Best Debut Novel (you KNOW it’s going to be there!), and look for The Broken Kingdoms in your bookstores and on your friendly local interwebz.

M. K. Hobson is one of my absolute favorite short story authors. I can’t remember reading anything by her that didn’t blow me away.

For an example, go listen to The Hotel Astarte on Podcastle. Seriously. Do it.

I’ll wait.

Wasn’t that amazing?

Holy cow.

So, imagine my delight when I found out she was debuting her own first novel!

I haven’t read Native Star yet, but I heard Hobson read an excerpt recently, and it promises to be fascinating and delightful. I can’t wait to read it!


Some day I’ll manage to get back to the whole reading thing. I hear attending physicians actually have lives or something, at least occasionally.

But even though I have to wait, the good news is that you don’t!

Go grab a copy of both of these, and send me some vicarious reading-generated happy vibes!

THIS happy.


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  1. Loved Jemisin’s fist book. I was looking for the second and it wasnt in my bookstore…I was sad.

  2. “The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms” is fantastic! I read it a couple months ago and loved it. I’ve got the second one waiting on my book-pile so I’ll definitely be reading it soon. Thanks for the recommendation of “The Native Star” — haven’t heard of it, but it looks great. I’ll check it out!

  3. First off – great blog title.

    Second – I just finished reading The Native Star recently. Good read. Here’s my review, if you’re interested:

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