I’m Also A Relatively Undereducated Music Geek Wannabe.

But I think pretty much anyone can appreciate these delicious pieces of amazing genius.

He’s improvising, dude! IMPROVISING!

This is cool because this person is incredible.

It’s also neat because it helps throw into relief some of the distinguishing features unique to each style.

Go ahead. Take some time and listen to all of them. Totally worth it.

And good background music for studying, too, I might add.

My personal favorite: One of my favorite songs, done in the style of one of my favorite composers:

I just love it when someone is so unbelievably good at what they do.

Don’t you?

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  1. Have to say, I do like a bit of Baroque (Bach especially). I once heard someone on BBC Radio 2 describe Baroque as ‘full of twidly bits’, which I think is an awesome description. (The same BBC presenter also said that the Baroque style developed from increasingly sophisticated musical notation which allowed composers to write down semi-tones and semi-demi quavers instead of just the basic notes).

    And this guy is awesome. Richard Grayson is an amazing pianist and musical theorist. Thank you for sharing!

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