JourneyQuest: Web Series Plug!

An old college buddy of mine is involved with the rather delightful fan-supported web series, JourneyQuest.

Neat BBC-esque production values, occasionally laugh-out-loud cleverness in the writing, unabashed goofiness, and a healthy dose of self-awareness make this Just Fun Watchin’.

I love the characters, the fresh new takes on older tropes, and the overall feel to the thing.

I’m not quite convinced by the talking sword yet, but I’m willing to give it a shot.


Here are the first couple of episodes. Catch the rest at !


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  1. Just what I needed. Another YouTubed channel to be obsessively checking for updates on.


  2. FYI, they had me at “kill the river.” One of my current gaming party’s nickname is Puddle Slayer, for similar reasons. My monk’s bag of eternal rations has officially been permanently set on “popcorn” so that the rest of the party can sit back and enjoyably observe just such (fairly frequent) lapses into (literally) mindless violence.

    • Ha!

      (They had me at “kill the river” too. “Yes, yes, let’s interpret that literally!” My favorite exchange, though, was with the gargoyles.)

  3. Thanks, Dr. Grasshopper! A new toy! Shiny!

  4. Thank you so much! This is brilliant!

  5. Thanks so much – I just loved “Journey Quest”! It is incredibly witty and irreverent…just how I like it. Great stuff!

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