So, I went to work this morning and was met with a lovely tableaux of the very surprised faces of my team…

…and my replacement on the service.

Apparently, my vacation starts TODAY, not tomorrow!


I’m totally napping in my hammock.

And writing. Writing too. I think I’ll hit the novel today.

Surprise vacation!


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  1. YAY! Best way to start the workday!

  2. Good news: Holiday today!
    Bad news: You’ve already wakened far too early, got ready for work, and got to work.
    Good news: Nap.

    Always nice to have an extra day to write. Have a great holiday!

    • Well, I have trouble sleeping in these days anyway. So there wasn’t really much of a problem when it came to doing my regular morning routine. Also, I had forgotten to eat breakfast that morning, and it gave me a chance to eat breakfast too. And take a nap in the hammock. And write.

      Twas a good day.

      As was today.

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