(::overwhelmingly dramatic trailer-announcer voice::)

For one single, sacred day during the 2010 section of Intern Year, the forces of Light and Darkness align.

Lost in a strange land, immersed in a two-week stint of Foreign Service, Dr. Grasshopper experiences an overwhelming wave of culture shock!

(::Cut to: Dr. Grasshopper’s slack-jawed, disbelieving face::)

“Neurologists…..DON’T work……..on Columbus Day?!”

(::Cut back to: …..well…..whatever we were looking at during the first part. Perhaps a picture of a platypus?::)

Can Dr. Grasshopper navigate the Forces of Evil…

(::flash photos: of piles of laundry, stacks of medical textbooks, mountains of dirty dishes, less impressive amounts of almost-due bills, and an eeeeeeeeeeevil hammock (Of! Evil!) ::)

…..and Actually Manage To Write Something for the blogosphere tomorrow?

(::Horrified scream::)

Tune in next time, dear denizens of the Interwebzes, for…….


(::Another horrified scream::)

Coming soon, to an Imaginary Friends Blog Near You!

Perhaps a picture of TWO platypi?

(Picture from: )

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  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil platypi?

    (Of! Evil!)?

  2. Awww… 🙂

  3. What have you been doing in my house? And give me my platypi back! 😉

    Have a great day off!

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