Homework Assignment!

Yes, for you!

Do you have a favorite short story? A favorite book? Etc?

Your assignment, in the next week or so, is to write a quick note to the author of that wonderful book or short story, and let them know that you really enjoyed it!


Because a couple of my friends sent me really nice messages today saying how much they liked my published fiction.

And I had been having a really bad day.

And now I feel much better.

And I’d like to share that feeling with other people.

I’m going to send out a few messages.

Wanna help me?

Thanks in advance! You guys rock!

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  1. Have already completed this homework assignment, but I am all for it 🙂

    I don’t suppose you write under a pen name and can share story-links without losing your anonymity?

    • Rock on, Shweta! I’ll bet you made their day!

      Unfortunately, my fiction pen name can be connected pretty easily to me. It’s even nerve-wracking writing under that name, but I don’t think it’s actively dangerous to my career (otherwise I’d pick yet another pen name.)

      So I’m unfortunately going to have to leave you hanging, even though it’s SO tempting to throw this audience over to my fictional works. But you know what? Read a bunch of small-name authors! I may just be one of the ones you pick up!

  2. I tried to explain why I won’t do that, but than I realized I’m just scared of the “no reply” situation.

    (dancing the “i got a reply from a fellow-writing-doctor” dance).

    • Writing doctors are the best.

      And you may someday get to a point where you don’t even need a reply; it may be enough to send those good vibes into the universe with no expectations, and let them come back or not as they may!

      (It is really nice getting responses from fav authors, though. As someone who, you know, does this kind of thing occasionally, I am totally with you on the happy-dance aspect!)

  3. After writing a few authors I truly enjoy, I was pleasantly surprised to find out they were human as well, and loved hearing from me. Personal emails back, not a form letter, which is more than you get from your congressman.

  4. How would I write a haiku expressing my understanding of the term "critical thinking"?…

    I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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