I’m A Twit.

I am!

To prove it, I am pleased to announce that I’ve joined the 21st century, and put up a Twitter account!

So, for everyone who commented and emailed me and things asking me to set one of these up….here it is!

Since there was apparently an arbitrary number of letters I was allowed to use, and since DrGrasshopper was taken (fist shaking-itude commenced at that point) and DoctorGrshpr and DrGrashoper looked equally silly, my twit-nom thereby became:


Now…..um……..what did you want me to do with it?

Guidance would be appreciated?

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  1. Twitter’s a good place to post quick links to thinks that are cool but not worth a whole blog post. (Also a good place to point people to your new blog posts)

  2. And also to tell us little things which are note-worthy, but not quite worth an entire blog post. Like some particularly good, or bad, medicine in a show you’re watching or random insights you have during a shift while you’re away from your computer and not likely to remember them after another twelve hours on your feet.

  3. And also taking inane questions from us! Like, how long would it take someone to die if their heart was to suddenly stop working? You know, things that just need a quick answer, something under 140 characters, like a timescale or weight or something…

  4. It’ll come to you. I’ve already suggested that all my followers follow you. I don’t have that many, but I did. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the guidance, guys! I’m probably going to keep all of my content on the blog, because my brain is fragmented enough trying to keep track of everything as it is. But I’m going to go ahead and announce new posts on the Twitter feed, so it’s easier for Twitter users to follow me.

    I was under the impression that people would send me their inane questions via my email, doctorgrasshopper@gmail.com Was I wrong?

    And Marian, thanks for tossing your readers over! They’ll never trust you for anything again! 😀

    Dr. G

  6. thanks

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