You May Have Noticed…

…that it’s been a good number of days since I’ve posted an Actual Article.

Yes, friends and other kind givers-of-attention, I have once again run out of pre-scheduled articles. I blame two straight months of ward service. That’ll eat right through your inventory.

But that’s going to change soon….I switch onto Neurology for two weeks (though I may not have much downtime with that service), and then I’m on VACATION! Wheeeeeeeee!!! And then an Ambulatory service! Which basically I’m working banker’s hours for a month! With *gasp* weekends! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

So, you can expect me to try and get back up to snuff sometime before the end of October. And maybe I’ll be good and dedicated enough during my break months to write enough articles to carry us through my upcoming ICU-and-ward block, which is looming at the whole December-January axis.

I’ll keep posting my little commentary-one-offs, though, just so you don’t get TOO bored with me.

Thanks for your patience.

Dr. Grasshopper

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  1. i can has cheeseburger?

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