For The Lit Geeks In The Crowd….

….this may just make your day.

How the Wikipedia article for If On A Winter’s Night A Traveler should read.

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  1. Brilliant. And yet subtly evil.

  2. Haha, thanks Dr Grasshopper – this really made me laugh! (I had to study that book in Italian in third year uni, and I remember that chapter DISTINCTLY (I think it will forever be ingrained in my mind).) The article may claim it’s a juvenile pastiche, but I love it! 😀

  3. Excellent! Now we just need a wiki article for House of Leaves where you have to scroll eight pages to get to the next sentence…

  4. trying to follow you on twitter but cant find your name

    • Hi, Weight Loss Calculator……I’m not actually on twitter, though I’ve been told that I’m supposed to figure it out so people can follow me there…..

      ……in my spare time…….

      If I get to it, I’ll announce it.

      Glad you like it enough to try and find me!

  5. Excellent and amusing. It also reminded me of a lit-geek question I’ve been meaning to ask.

    Hamlet’s father is supposedly murdered with poison that’s poured into his ear by the father’s brother. (Ah, siblings, as I believe you’ve commented!)

    Is is possible to poison someone in this way? I can imagine that a really caustic substance might do the job–actually, I’d rather not imagine that too vividly. Is there any less violent poison that could be used?

    I do assure you that this query is strictly fictional in purpose.

    • There are all kinds of substances that can travel trans-dermally (across the skin). I always assumed that the ear-poison situation used some unnamed possibly-lipophilic substance that could do that.

  6. haha

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