My Liddle Brudder Luvzes Me.

So, my little brother is not a geek. He has his mildly geeky side (you can totally get his goat by pooh-pooh-ing the Wheel of Time series), but in general, he’s pretty solidly settled in the mundane world.

But the other day he managed to muster up enough geek-enabling cred to post this adorkable LOLcat on my Facebook page:

It totally made my day. And I think he knew it would.

So, kudos, Liddle Brudder!

(Minus a half a point for forgetting that I kinda grew out of Star Trek in junior high…..but plus several thousand for the sheer and unexpected awesome-itude!)

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  1. Okay. What can I say but..


    And you never really grow out of Star Trek – especially the original series.

    And the best way a tribble can keep the Klingons away is by having two placed into the Klingons’ air ducts, and wait for the very prolific tribbles to crowd out all the air… 🙂

    Tribbles have to be the cutest science fiction critter ever. And TribbleKat would be king (queen?) of the Tribbles!

    • I kinda feel like I really have grown out of Star Trek, though I do enjoy the occasional re-watch with friends who are still really into it.

      Tribbles are fun critters, aren’t they?


  2. Grew…out…of Star Trek? What means this phrase?

    • Yeah, yeah, I know. My geek buddies stare at me in disbelief whenever I say something like that.

      I thought it was great up to junior high, and I still like to re-watch episodes occasionally (like visiting old friends)…..but there’s more to scifi than combination ethical-dilemma-and-forehead-prosthesis-of-the-week…..

      Your mileage may vary.


  3. hi again


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