Observations for today

-Every time I draw blood from a hepatitis+ or HIV+ patient without sticking myself with the needle, I feel like I get a new lease on life.

-If anyone was going to make a TV show about my job, it would be really boring. There would be a lot of footage of me running up and down stairs. The same stairs. A lot.

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  1. Are you in the habit of sticking yourself with needles?

    And it seems to me that all those stairs are probably giving you a new lease on life, as well… 😉

    • No, but it’s the quintessential occupational hazard that no one ever talks about outside of the medical field. Doctors, nurses, and phlebotomists endanger their lives every single day.

      • You’re right, and I knew that. I thought I was being witty.

        Thank you for using my faux pas as a way to tell folks about this danger. I only knew about it from the TV show, ER. And it *is* scary.

        • Heh, sorry. Hard to catch certain nuances over the interwebzes. Thanks for understanding.

      • I wonder if it’s possible to design a safety needle to prevent that sort of thing — maybe with a sleeve that drops down and locks after it’s used once.

        • They already have those. The danger is when people jump while you’re sticking them.

  2. My job sounds a lot like your job, except I run up and down stairs all day while selling books to people, and it similarly would not make a very exciting tv show.

    (I don’t encounter blood very much, except for the paper cuts. I get a lot of them. Some of them from cardboard.)

  3. If anyone was going to make a TV show about my job, it would be really boring.

    But it would make an awesome exercise video!

    • Oooh, maybe! But only with a really good soundtrack!

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