It’s Hilarious. In An Incredibly Uncomfortable Sort Of Way.

(At least, for doctors.)

(PS: an outside hospital is….any hospital that transfers a patient to you at your hospital. Ah, patient transfers.)

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  1. If you have lungs we can get a pulmonolgist? We can get you a specialist for any organ that you have that we have a specialist for? LOVE IT

  2. What is up with that guy’s hair? I mean, seriously. It looks like the hair on a Lego man…

    Is this stuff real? “If your knee hurts, we can cath you.” What the crap’s that even mean, anyway? Why are you trying to sell me something that makes no sense? Sounds like a mechanic saying, ‘you want an oil change? We can give you a new windscreen’.

    • Hee hee! It’s a med student parody, don’t worry. These things are all over the interwebs, and I love them to pieces!

      And he’s wearing a wig. Most of them are wearing wigs.

      You’re right, most of what they’re talking about are paragon examples of BAD MEDICAL DECISION-MAKING. The joke is that any hospital but yours does stupid stuff and then expects you to fix it when they’ve messed up the patient so much that they just don’t know what to do next. (“Tertiary care centers” are hospitals that take referrals from outside hospitals that aren’t equipped to treat patients with a certain severity of illness.)

      It’s one of those “it’s funny because it’s an exaggeration of the truth” things.

  3. There’s a terrifically funny video that Dr. Grumpy posted a few weeks ago. It’s also “funny because it’s uncomfortably close to truth”

    (I’d embed it but I can’t parse the URL from Dr. Grumpy’s page. It’s playable from his site, though.)

    • Hahahahahahahahaha!!!

      Everyone loves making fun of orthopedic surgeons.

      (Because it’s so easy.)

      (You know I had to say it.)


      • I usually lose it about at “She is not fit enough for a haircut, let alone an operation!”

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