New Sexy Sidebar

Hi there! I’m playing with my sidebar! I now have an archive list, a tag cloud, and something called “RSS” that I don’t know exactly what it is, but I know someone asked me to post one at some point.

So, thoughts? Anything else need to be there? Anything there that’s just cluttering it up?

Thanks for your input!

Dr. G

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  1. How to be a pain in the arse, lesson #1: Make unrealistic and unreasonable suggestions for someone’s website.

    How hard would it be to put a search box in there, so people could search your blog for keywords or phrases?

    Okay, I know the tags do a good job of covering it, but there might be something. Just another thing that would help.

    But that’s just nitpicking. It’s looking good, Dr. G! Especially like the tag cloud, although Joss Whedon is disturbingly big…

    • I totally agree with the Whedon thing. Tis a problem, although I’m sure it got me a little traffic at the outset. Hopefully will be solved as I publish more non-Whedon-related posts. However, he’s a fantastic writer, and I don’t grudge him a little font size. 😀

      Regarding the search box………do you know how to do that? The reason I posted the question about recommendations is because I don’t actually know how to drive WordPress very well…… 😀

      • OOH, Looky!!!! I did it!

        ::Victory dance::

      • “non-Whedon-related-posts”…? What kind of blog are you running here, anyway?

        • Good question. Clearly not anything worthwhile…… 😀

      • Nice going on getting the search box working. I are impress.

        You’re smart. You should be a doctor or something 😀

  2. RSS = Rich Site Summary

    I work more with HTML and CSS but here is a fair article on RSS.

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