This Post Is Also About Marbles.

Okay, I’m lying. This post isn’t actually about marbles. That last marble post from a couple of weeks ago wasn’t really about marbles, either. I was lying then, too. It was. . . .



We were right! The Marbles post was about something other than marbles!

Okay, okay. You were right. It was really about. . . .


Um. . . now?


. . . . . .In front of everyone?

Upside down. And backwards, ’cause this one isn’t about marbles either!

I’m not going to get out of it?



You may as well get it over with.

Fine. Here goes:

Dude. That’s cheating.

I don’t always play fair. . . but I don’t always lose, either.

I can barely read it.

‘Course not. It’s Jabberwocky. 😀 <==(triumphant grin)

No one else can read it either.

You never said “legibly”.

I didn’t, did I?

No. But there will be other opportunities, I’m sure.

I’ll get you next time, Grasshopper! Next time!

Looking forward to it, friend.

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  1. And then, of course, there’s Kevin Pease’s ambigram of the first verse:

    • Holy crap, dude, I just had an awesome-gasm!!!!!

      • (Full disclosure: This was after I had to look up what an “ambigram” was….)

  2. I could read it. Thanks to Iphone’s zoom feature. 😀

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