Look, Ma! I’m a real doctor!!!

Ladies and gentlemen! Today, I wear a funny hat and graduate from medical school!

That means I . . .

. . . I’m . . .

. . . . . . . . . . responsible for other people’s lives?!

Um. . . . . .

Stop the graduation ceremony! I wanna get off!

::Graduation ceremony fails to stop::

Oh, man. I’m a real doctor now!


And wow, that’s the major life-goal checked off the list.



::Straightens funny hat, takes a deep breath::

Here goes!

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  1. Congratulations!

    • (I was going to say “knock `em dead!” but that seemed, somehow, wrong)

  2. Oorah!

    As they say in the Navy, “Now the real work begins.”

    Good on ya. I’m proud.

  3. Congratulations!!!

  4. Congratulations, Dr Grasshopper, MD!

  5. Way to go, Dr. G!
    Now we can say we’re getting our tips from a Real Doctor, not just some flunky Med Student

    Congrats 🙂

  6. Congratulations! This is an amazing accomplishment; enjoy it!

  7. Thanks, guys!

  8. Shouldn’t there have been a “one” before the “zero”?

    That aside, hooray and congratulations! Much celebration!

    Hope the completion of the Big Lifetime Goal doesn’t leave you dazed and directionless!

  9. A hearty congratulations to you!

  10. BIG CONGRATS TO YOU!!! Very very excited for you. Now, go forth and do heroic doctor deeds!

  11. *cheers and pompoms*

    Well done, sir. All the best!

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