We have two of practically EVERYTHING!

Two eyes
Two ears
Two cerebral hemispheres
Two of each cranial nerve
Two of most blood vessels (with some exceptions)
Two sides to the heart
Two lungs
Two ribs at each level
Two arms
Two legs
Two kidneys
Two adrenal glands
Two gonads
Two of each pelvic bone
Two PATELLAS (for the Boston crew!)

And much, much more!!!! (I got tired of listing things we have two of.)

(Hooray for bilateral symmetry!)

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  1. Now I’ve got that Sesame Street song, “I’ve got two”, running through my head. And Burt is singing, “I’ve got two knees, one, two, they’re round as you please, one, two — I’ve got two eyes, and they’re both the same size…”

    Stupid Sesame Street and their nasty earworms…

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